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Phạm Công Thiện

June 1st 1941, Mytho, Vietnam
March 8th 2011, Spring, Texas, USA

"All conditioned Dharmas
Are like Dreams, Illusions, Bubbles, Shadows,
Like Dew Drops and a Lightning Flash:
Contemplate them thus."
Prajna Paramita Vajracchedika Sutra (Vajra or Diamond Sutra)

Phạm Công Thiện left his body peacefully on March 8th 2011 in his home of Spring, Texas (USA). The famous Vietnamese mystic, poet, philosopher, novelist, translator, professor, scholar, mentor was 71 years old. Up to the end he kept his razor sharp mind and lifelong devotion to the teaching of the Buddha. His last words were to ask: « If you have any question on Dharma, I will answer now! Do you? » As his relatives could not find any question, he repeated once again: « If you have any question on Dharma, I will answer now! Do you? » No question was asked, and three minutes later his breath stopped. He had spent the previous hours in meditation, at times making mudras with his hands. Many auspicious signs suggestive of mastery over the dying process showed up later. For instance, immediately after his cremation, his children saw in the sky a cloud in the shape of a meditating Buddha or yogi.

A multidimensional genius, he was both an artist well-known for his unique and flamboyant style, a polymath and versatile scholar, with encyclopaedic knowledge in wide ranging subjects (Buddhism, Western and Oriental philosophy, litterature and poetry of all countries, art, science, philology, linguistics, psychology...), an extraordinary speaker, teacher, professor venerated by his students and also a spiritual mentor who endeavored his whole life to light the fire of Dharma in the hearts of those crossing his path.

Dedicated to transmitting his metaphysical and spiritual insights, ever since writing his first book at the age of 16, he leaves a host of books – which he usually wrote in just a few weeks, touching on innumerable topics although the single theme of spiritual transmutation unites all of them.

He also leaves children, all awed at the privilege and excellent karma of having met such a spiritual luminary.

They make prayers for his swift return from Sukhavati to spearhead again the propagation and perennity of the Buddha Dharma.


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