• image1 You are the last dream of your own invention, the first nightmare of unceasing Bliss.
  • image2 To be intensely alive is just a matter of instantly dying, dying to our cherished life...
  • image3 I'm sitting here, thinking and dreaming of things eternal. They are arriving; they are of nowhere, but of somewhere, anyhow.

On March 8, 2011...

Phạm Công Thiện resolved to initiate new poetic errands and is now undoubtedly gracing with his zen musings and cosmic laughs the variegated multidimensional planes of this samsaric world.

Death is but the play of Maya - the Great Illusionist Mother. Beyond Nirvana and Samsara lies the Undying and Unborn, the Dharmadhatu.

Fellow pilgrim, know thus that Phạm Công Thiện's passing away is just a mirage and that his speech is still alive for it can still inflame the torch of your soul.

The goal of these webpages is to gather the numerous nectar drops haphazardly distilled by Phạm Công Thiện.

It is dedicated to those unafraid wanderers who yearn for the cathartic fire of wisdom.

Sarva Mangalam. May all be happy.